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Picture a busy downtown in a capital city full of state and local officials, attorneys, bankers, hotels and restaurants;  commuter traffic, freight trains, a baseball stadium and 260 acres of an undisturbed, natural watershed habitat. This is a habitat in need of preservation and in need of utilization. What a great testament to the redevelopment  of a downtown area to maximize the preservation of the natural resources already in place. This is your chance to develop a part of Montgomery that has been forgotten by past generations. Cypress Nature Park will be created by local residents and businesses who see its potential and realize its necessity in continuing the growth of Montgomery and the River Region.  

The vision for the Park is clear; a natural habitat park in the heart of a city. One pedestrian entrance will be located at Cypress Inlet and will give visitors easy access from the Riverwalk Amphitheatre as they enter the Park through the site of an old Confederate shipyard. Tree-canopied footpaths will lead families to Cypress Creek then on toward Cypress Pond.  The Pond area will give modern day explorers a chance to hike through bluffs, ravines and wetlands not changed since Native Americans walked the same terrain.

The Park will offer city kids a chance to interact with and learn about the natural landscape, flora and fauna that is indigenous to the River Region. Walking trails and bike trails will give the outdoor enthusiast a place to enjoy right in his own backyard.  Bird-watchers will never want to leave. From the ardent Eco-tourist to a family Saturday afternoon picnic, Cypress Nature Park will be a place for everyone.

Cypress Nature Park is a 50(3)
non-profit organization